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ATF 5 Deadly Sins

Firearm dealers are finding themselves in a regulatory climate that the firearms industry and even the Justice Department have never seen the likes of.  According to The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), revocation notices issued by field divisions … Continue reading

How Does Guaranteed Legal Defense Work?

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What Percent of ATF Inspections Result in Violations?

ATF inspections are always a source of concern for firearms dealers. Learn what percentage actually results in violations. Continue reading

Why You Need Guaranteed Legal Defense with FFL Software

Most FFL software platforms increase compliance, but they’re not 100% foolproof. Learn why choosing a product with guaranteed legal defense is essential. Continue reading

ATF Form 3310.4 (December 2021)

Changes to ATF Form 3310.4 as of December 2021 Beginning with the revised ATF Form 3310.4 released in December of 2021, there are some changes to how you should fill out ATF Form 3310.4. The form has been updated to … Continue reading

Most Frequently Cited ATF Violations In 2020

Learn about the 10 most commonly cited ATF violations and get advice on how to avoid them. Continue reading

FFL License Types

Anyone engaging in manufacturing, importing, or dealing in firearms must be licensed by the ATF. There are nine Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) License Types available. FFL License Types FFL Licenses By State Dealer License Types Manufacturer License Types Importer License … Continue reading

Form 4473: How FFL Software Can Simplify Compliance

Form 4473 is a critical part of ATF compliance but can be time-consuming for many gun sellers. Learn how FFL software can simplify and streamline this form. Continue reading

ATF Compliance Cases: 2020 Facts and Figures

Check out a list of 2020 ATF compliance cases to learn how many cases there were, how many special agents and IOIs, defendants, criminal investigations, and more. Continue reading

FFL Bound Book Options

Keeping your FFL Bound Book accurate is an absolute must. The ATF takes Bound Book violations very seriously. Getting an FFL isn’t that hard but keeping it can be a challenge. Most violations come from 4473 mistakes Yes, ATF Form … Continue reading