Adding Items to a New Items Manufacturing Acquisition

A New Items Manufacturing Acquisition must have at least one Item added to it to be able to Commit it. Item(s) may be searched for from previously acquired items, entered one at a time, or copied from a spreadsheet.

All Items must have these required fields.

All of the other fields are optional. 

To add an item or items to a New Items Manufacturing Acquisition

In the Items panel you have four options

Once you’ve added all of your items they will be listed in the Items panel.

To make changes to an item, click on the Manufacturer name. Then on the Edit Item screen, make the appropriate changes and click the ‘Save’ button.

To change the Location the item will be stored in, select or add the Location from the List.

To remove an Item from the Pending New Items Manufacturing Acquisition, click the trash can icon on the right hand side.