Disposition Details Lookup

Written by Jarad on October 2, 2023

  1. Getting Started

  2. Disposition Details Request

  3. Disposition Details Response

  4. Disposition Details QR Code (Optional)

  5. Sample Web Service Code


FastBound’s Disposition Details Lookup offers a streamlined method for transferees to securely retrieve A&D disposition details to create A&D acquisition records from transferors without exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This simple protocol emphasizes security, promotes operational transparency, and enhances user experience.

The end of this article provides sample PHP code for illustrative purposes, which receives such requests, connecting to an ODBC database, and providing a response in the required format.

Transferees must acknowledge that a third party entered these details. The transferee accepts all responsibility and liability for reviewing the accuracy of the data entered.


Getting Started

Making acquisitions faster and more accurate for your customers is easy! Create up a simple web service to receive requests in the format below, which returns responses in the format below.

To appear in FastBound as a disposition detail source, send the following details to support@fastbound.com:

  1. The display name of your business that your customers know you by.

  2. The URL of your web service which responds to the requests shown below.

  3. Text labels to display to your customers for what should be entered into the Identifier and Verifier fields such as “Packing List Number” and “Customer Number”.

  4. (Optional) Identifier and Verifier Formats. If your packing list numbers are “PL789012”, we can limit the input to PL and six digits. If your customer number is “23456”, we can limit the input to five digits.

  5. (Optional) The URL that we should send someone to if they want to learn more about your company or doing business with you.

Disposition Details Request

Your web service URL will receive a form-encoded request via HTTP POST, with a request body containing a parameter named identifier for a tangible identifier such as a packing list number, and a parameter named verifier such as an account number known by the transferee.





Something that the customer has, like a packing list number.



Something the customer knows, like an account or customer number.


Sample Request From FastBound

Host: example.com
Accept: */*
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded



Disposition Details Response

All responses must be UTF8-encoded JSON (application/json) and contain a success property set to true or false.

If true, the response must include a transferor property and an items property containing an array of items transferred.

Optional response properties are searchable by FastBound customers, making locating firearms records quick and easy.




Required. Indicates if the operation was successful.


Required if success is false. User-friendly error message if not successful.


Required if success is true. The full Federal Firearms License Number, with or without hyphens.


The date shipped, if known.


The date delivered, if known.


Shipment tracking number, if any.


Purchase order number, if any.


Invoice number, if any.


A note to the customer.


Required if success is true. Array of the items transferred.





Required. Firearm manufacturer


Required. Firearm model


Required. Firearm caliber or guage


Required. Firearm importer


Firearm importer.


Country of manufacturer.


Manufacturer Part Number.


Universal Product Code.


Stock Keeping Unit Number. Usually only set by a distribution center. Distributors should not set this.


Cost for this item, if known.


Regular retail price for this item, if known.

Sample Response To FastBound

"success": true,
"transferor": "1-22-333-44-5J-66666",
"shipped_date": "2023-01-15",
"delivered_date": "2023-01-20",
"tracking_number": "1Z999AA10123456789",
"po_number": "PO12345",
"invoice_number": "INV12345",
"note": "This completes PO12345. Mahalo!",
"items": [
"manufacturer": "GLOCK",
"importer": "GLOCK INC",
"country": "AUSTRIA",
"model": "17",
"caliber": "9x19",
"serial": "XYP4567",
"mpn": "PI1750201",
"upc": "764503175022",
"sku": null,
"cost": null,
"price": 599.99
"manufacturer": "GLOCK",
"importer": "GLOCK INC",
"country": "AUSTRIA",
"model": "17",
"caliber": "9x19",
"serial": "QZR2345",
"mpn": "PI1750201",
"upc": "764503175022",
"sku": null,
"cost": null,
"price": 599.99


Disposition Details QR Code (Optional)

Printing a QR code on packing lists will give all of your customers an unprecedented way to acquire firearms quickly and accurately. If one of FastBound’s more than 5,000 FFLs scans this QR code, they can create a pending acquisition in FastBound with just one click.


If the customer doesn’t use FastBound, we will offer a spreadsheet file that they can import into their software of choice. In either case, customers can verify firearm details in a fraction of the time that they would spend re-entering the details at a higher risk of mistakes.


To take advantage of this feature, compose a URL in the following format, replacing :CODE with the code provided by FastBound, :IDENTIFIER with the unique identifier, and :VERIFIER with your verifier. Then, edit your invoice or packing list and place a QR code containing that URL.


Example URL



Example QR Code

Sample Web Service Code

DISCLAIMER: This source code is provided as is for illustrative purposes only.

It serves as a general example and template for performing database operations in PHP with ODBC. This code should be used as a starting point and must be thoroughly reviewed and modified to fit your specific environment. The provided configuration parameters, including database connection details, should be replaced with your actual database credentials and connection information.

It is essential to follow best practices for security, error handling, and input validation when implementing similar functionality in a production environment.