Filling out a Multiple Sale Report

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

To edit a Multiple Sale report the following criteria must be met:


From the Pending Multiple Sale list page select or create a Multiple Sale.

  • First you must enter the Date of the Report.

  • Then scroll down and click the ‘Create Multiple Sale’ button

Once you’ve completed those two steps, the ‘Transferee’ panel will open up.

  • In the ‘Transferee’ panel enter the Transferee’s first name and click the ‘Search’ button

  •  Select the Contact and click the ‘Save & Use This Contact’ button
         * If the Contact does not have a County set you must enter one to Continue

After the Contact is selected you continue filling out the form.

  • Fill out the rest of the form; Q6-Q12, Q13-14 are optional
         * The form must be completely filled out

  • Q12 Place of Birth
         * If US is selected the City and State must be entered
         * If any other Country is selected the City and State are not required

  • Date Forwarded to Agency can only be the current date

  • Search for and Add the Items to the form
         * The search results will only show items disposed to the selected Contact
         * You can only select items that should be on the report

  • Click the ‘Save’ button

Once the form is completely filled out the Transmit button will be available to click.

  • Click the ‘Transmit‘ button to continue