Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

If an item can be stored somewhere, then that “somewhere” should have a name. If it doesn’t people will put things in the wrong place and your inventory will become disorganized.

When you’re choosing your Location names you should have some logic to your naming scheme. Group your locations into zones or rooms and then by row and shelf. You can use abbreviations to keep the names short like “R” for receiving, “S” for safe or “D” for display. For Example “S3” could be Safe 3.

Clearly labeling your Locations with its name and a barcode so it can be scanned would be helpful as well. The letters on the labels should be large enough so they’re easy to read from a distance. 

Some of the benefits to organizing and labeling your locations are:

  • You can find your Inventory faster

  • You can count your Inventory faster

  • You can verify your Inventory faster

  • A large label makes your Locations easier to identify

  • There will be less confusion during a Cycle Count, Physical Inventory, or an ATF audit

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