Multiple Serial Search

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

During a Disposition you can search for up to 1,000 items and add them to the Pending Disposition.

You can enter multiple serial numbers, separated by commas, tabs, or one serial number per line.

If you’re using a barcode scanner, make sure it is configured to send a new line enter after each scan.

Click the ‘Multiple Serial Search’ button

  • Enter the serial numbers you would like to add to the Disposition

  • Click ‘Add Serials’

  • FastBound will show you the results
    Green means that FastBound found the items and they can be added to your Disposition. These will be selected by default.
    Yellow means that FastBound has found multiple items with the serial number. These will not be selected by default; you must select which ones you want to add.
    Red means there was a problem finding the serial number provided, the serial is marked as Do Not Dispose, or the serial is already on a Pending Disposition. FastBound will tell you what the error was. These items will not be selectable.

  • Clicking the ‘Add Selected Items’ button will add the selected serial numbers to the Disposition and ignore the unselected and red ones.

If you believe the red serial numbers should be added you’ll have to research them and make them available to be added.