Switching to FastBound

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

Switching to FastBound is fast and easy!

When you’re ready to switch to FastBound, you should only transfer open items (items that have been acquired but not disposed). See our Guidance on Handling Historical Records.

When you log your open Items into FastBound you will log them in with the original Acquire date and who you Acquired them from.

A spreadsheet CSV file is a quick and easy way to import multiple open items; enter or paste items into the import spreadsheet and import it using Settings > Import in FastBound.

In your old records, you would record the date you entered the Items into FastBound as your dispose date and enter “Transferred to FastBound Electronic A&D” for the dispose name. After you dispose all of your open Items from your old A&D record, you will download and maintain a complete bound book from your old system.

ATF requires that you retain the old records until you surrender your FFL, and does not allow you to maintain two sets of records at once.

If you currently maintain your firearms acquisition and disposition records electronically, get in contact with us — we are happy to help you export, prepare, and import your records into FastBound.

Guidance on Handling Historical Records

When switching to FastBound, many Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) ask how to manage their historical records during this transition. It is important to note that FFLGuard (our legal counsel) cautions against transferring historical records.

This recommendation arises from the potential risk of crucial data, such as serial numbers being altered or damaged during the import process, which could be overlooked until the original records are no longer available.

The recommended best practice is to retain historical records in a tangible, paper format, allowing for secure information storage and ensuring that records are easily accessible. This approach maintains the integrity of the data and complies with ATF guidelines on record-keeping.

For the ease of business operations such as trace requests, FFLs can keep an electronic version of these records, such as a spreadsheet. However, any electronic copy must be marked as an “UNOFFICIAL COPY FOR BUSINESS USE ONLY.”

This label helps ensure clarity between the official paper records and versions used for internal business processes. By adhering to these guidelines, FFLs can smoothly transition to FastBound for future records management while safeguarding their historical records.