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Is an FFL Needed for a Muzzleloader?

A muzzleloader, as the name implies, is a gun that is loaded through the muzzle rather than through a chamber. Examples of muzzleloaders include powder guns, Parrot rifles, ordnance rifles, 7-pounder mountain guns, etc. These guns began in the mid-1800’s … Continue reading

Bill C-71 in Canada

Former Bill C-71 received Royal Assent in Canada on June 21, 2019. You can read the full details at Former Bill C-71 – What you need to know. FastBound meets the requirements of this bill. Since 2010, FastBound’s leading FFL software has processed over one … Continue reading

Are you using a Password Manager?

While FastBound has never had a security breach, you have undoubtedly heard of sites that have. As of July 2018, Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) site has collected more than 11.7 billion compromised (aka pwned) accounts compiled from 588 website breaches and … Continue reading

FFL License Types

Anyone engaging in manufacturing, importing, or dealing in firearms must be licensed by the ATF. There are nine Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) License Types available. FFL License Types FFL Licenses By State Dealer License Types Manufacturer License Types Importer License … Continue reading

NFA Form 4 & NFA Form 5 Updates For 4473

One of our customers had a great idea: on a Pending NFA Form 4 & NFA Form 5 Disposition, if the Contact has a Special Occupational Tax (SOT), EIN Number, SOT Class, or a Business Type set, show them on … Continue reading and FastBound launch free integration is very excited to announce that in partnership with FastBound, we have launched a free integration that allows FastBound dealers to accelerate their listing and selling processes through, one of the largest ecommerce sites used by FFL dealers … Continue reading

The 2021 FFLGuard Symposium & Firearms Industry Thought Leadership Forum For All FFLs

Begins June 2, 2021 Clients-Only Meeting – Educational Seminars – Peer Insights – Breakout Sessions FFLGuard – known throughout the firearms industry as the gold standard for legal services, compliance solutions, and technology guidance – is proud to present a virtual, … Continue reading

FastBound Announces Partnership With Gearfire

Folsom, CA – December 15, 2020 – FastBound is pleased to announce a new partnership with Gearfire. Since 2012, Gearfire has been the leading eCommerce provider to the shooting and outdoor sports industry, offering customers up to $1 billion in … Continue reading