• Electronic 4473

    The most compliant electronic 4473 on the market. Hands down. Saves time on sales, no re-entering information from handwritten 4473’s, best-in-class prohibited user defense, and more.

  • Leading Integrations

    FastBound offers a robust API and syncs effortlessly with an always growing list of point of sale (POS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other software packages.

  • Compliance backed by guaranteed legal defense

    Peace of mind to prosper. Don’t worry that your bound book will cause a compliance mistake, FastBound is always up to date and back that up with legal defense.

  • Secure Data

    Meets and exceeds the ATF compliance standards (ATF Ruling 2016-1) for electric bound books and gives you the ability to totally automate the process and focus on your business, not your backups.

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