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FastBound is a premier integration partner with 4473 Cloud offering a seamless digital storage solution for your 4473s. 4473 Cloud is the firearms industry-leading, ATF-approved digital storage solution whose mission is to usher FFLs to the 21st century. Whether you’re an independent shop or a nationwide chain, FastBound offers unique pricing aligned with our plans and can’t be found anywhere else. 

Travis Glover with 4473 Cloud says. “Together, FastBound and 4473 Cloud services bring FFLs the benefit of a fully digital ATF-approved and FFL’s Guard’s certified Approved Service Provider Program compliance solution to all of their users.” 

The ATF requires that all firearms dealers maintain a hard copy of Form 4473. That’s a lot of paper, and it costs money to store all the records on-site.

Paper forms are expensive, inefficient and take up valuable space in your office. And if you misplace one form or lose it, you could be fined by the ATF!

With FastBound and 4473 Cloud, you can comply with the law without breaking your budget or wasting time storing paperwork. This online storage solution is affordable and convenient and the integration with FastBound is backed with a guaranteed legal defense related to the use of our software. Start using this digital ATF compliant record keeping software today!

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