AmmoReady has announced a new, free add-on that connects FastBound to your AmmoReady account. FastBound is a leading provider of FFL software including electronic ATF bound book software, electronic 4473, and other FFL-specific solutions and services. Since 2010, FastBound has processed over a billion transactions for thousands of FFLs with guaranteed ATF compliance and an attorney-backed legal defense.

The free FastBound add-on for AmmoReady delivers a complete workflow for syncing select firearms to AmmoReady, selling those firearms online, and then automatically creating a Disposition record in FastBound when you fill an order.

This end-to-end integration is turn-key, costs nothing, and makes it ridiculously easy to get your firearms inventory out of FastBound and into your AmmoReady account. Link your FastBound inventory to an existing Product by UPC, or create a new one. Sell online via your AmmoReady storefront, or aggregate to one or more of the many firearms-friendly marketplaces AmmoReady connects to.

AmmoReady, powered by FastBound, is the ideal integrated solution for firearms merchants that don’t need a full blown point of sale system because they don’t process face-to-face transactions, do so in limited volume, or because they just don’t need the advanced functionality that comes along with most POS solutions. The combination of AmmoReady and FastBound provides the complete range of features and functionality you need to manage inventory, sell online, fill orders, and stay compliant while you do it.

Request more information now and discover how you can benefit from this partnership.