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War within the store. Mac vs PC

Everyone loves to save time, and even more so when you can save time by eliminating tedious tasks. PC! No Mac! Personal Computer! Macintosh! Many FFL’s have been there, your GM uses a Mac but your operations manager uses a … Continue reading

How FastBound clients make friends with their ATF inspector.

The one thing that inspectors love is FFL record books full of well kept, accurate records. It makes their job easy! Inspectors who find violations have to go through the entire process of investigating and reporting them. They have to … Continue reading

Keeping Accurate Records: The 4 Main Firearms Disposition Types

When a gun changes hands—or has been lost or stolen—your work has just begun. It’s vital to accurately enter the disposition information into your firearms acquisition and disposition record book, but the steps you must complete can vary widely depending … Continue reading

What FastBound clients know: The must haves for FFLs

There’s no getting around it: ATF inspections are a fact of life for any business in the firearms industry. But, keeping accurate records in your a&d bound book will help to speed up the process when inspection time inevitably rolls … Continue reading