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See how FastBound firearms compliance software has helped thousands of FFLs process more than one billion firearms transactions with an attorney-backed legal guarantee.

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Benefits of firearms compliance software include increased accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with firearms regulations and laws.

FastBound manages all Gun Control Act (GCA) and National Firearms Act (NFA) items.

Yes, FastBound can track multiple firearms in a single transaction.

FastBound automates the background check process and alerts the FFL of approval or denial status.

Yes, FastBound integrates with NICS and many full-POC and partial-POC states for background check submissions and approvals!

FastBound is designed with security measures to protect sensitive data, such as encryption and restricted access.

Yes, FastBound can generate compliant reports for ATF audits and inspections.

FastBound is designed to be user-friendly and may require minimal training. FastBound offers free training and support.

No. FastBound offers training, support, updates, and our attorney-backed compliance guarantee, all included for free with all plans.

FastBound offers free support and updates to ensure compliance with current firearms regulations and laws.

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