Since 2010, FastBound’s FFL software for A&D and 4473 has provided thousands of FFLs including manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers, and pawnbrokers with guaranteed compliance with the latest ATF rulings. Check out these resources to help make sure you have all the information you need to successfully run your firearms business.

FFL Types

Type 01


Type 02


Type 03

Curios and Relics

Type 06

Manufacturer of Ammunition

Type 07

Manufacturer of Firearms

Type 08

Importer of Firearms or Ammunition

Type 09

Dealer in Destructive Devices

Type 10

Manufacturer of Destructive Devices

Type 11

Importer of Destructive Devices

Class 2 SOT

Manufacture and Deal NFA Firearms

Class 3 SOT

Sell NFA Firearms

ATF Forms

ATF Form 1

Firearm Construction

ATF Form 2

Notice of Firearms Manufactured or Imported

ATF Form 3

Transferring NFA Items to SOT

ATF Form 4

Transferring NFA Items to Someone Without an FFL

ATF Form 5

Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm

Form 4473

Firearm Transfers from an FFL


ITAR Compliance

Manufacture, Sale, and Distribution of Defense-Related Articles and Services

922r Compliance

American-made Parts vs Foreign-made Parts While Manufacturing a Firearm

ATF Compliance

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