FFL Software Reviews

You don’t have to read many reviews about FastBound to learn a few things about us:

  • Our 100% US-based customer support is second to none and responds in minutes (not hours or days like other software companies).
  • Our ATF compliance is second to none. We pioneered the concept of retaining firearms attorneys and retired ATF personnel to consult in the design and development of FastBound FFL software. We back that up with an attorney-backed compliance guarantee related to using our software–imitated by some, duplicated by no one.
  • Developing compliant software for bound books is not something we try to do to sell our other FFL software; it’s our sole focus and all we have done since 2010.


If your accounting is wrong, you or your bookkeeper might have to stay late to fix it. If your bound book is wrong, ATF could revoke your license, deny future applications, or press criminal charges. You would never trust a surgeon that isn’t 100% focused on surgery, or a dentist that isn’t 100% focused on dental procedures. Why would you ever trust something as important as ATF compliance to anyone that isn’t 100% focused on your firearms compliance?

ATF Compliance is hard work for firearm dealers. Firearm dealers already have their hands full with inventory management, running a gun store or pawn shop, and dealing with retail customers. The last thing they want to be doing is worrying if their software provider produces compliant software or not. Unfortunately, the firearm industry is littered with software companies who prey on small businesses in the shooting sports industry, knowing that they don’t have the resources to fully validate electronic bound book software packages against decades of Federal firearms compliance rules and regulations. These unscrupulous software providers only care about getting an FFL dealer into a multi-year contract for their point of sale software solution, mobile apps, payment gateway, merchant account, or whatever they sell. Firearms Compliance is not their specialty. Firearms Compliance is not their focus.

Not only is FastBound the leading Federal Firearms Compliance software provider in the market, but our open API and long reputation for most compliant software available have attracted many point of sale (POS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory management, and e-commerce software providers to integrate FastBound as their firearms compliance software vendor of choice, in many cases replacing their own firearms compliance features with FastBound’s FFL software.