4473 History and Downloads

  • The 4473 history in FastBound is not an exemption from printing and storing the paper copies.

  • Electronic storage of your 4473’s requires a variance from the ATF. Being able to reprint or download the 4473 from FastBound does not meet the requirements to obtain a variance.

  • 4473’s downloaded from FastBound will not reflect any changes made to the 4473 after it was printed and completed.

Please contact our team by using the chat if you have any questions.

All 4473’s created on or after 11/9/2021 can be downloaded or reprinted directly from FastBound with the following exceptions

You can view a contacts 4473 history by searching for the contact and clicking the “View the 4473 history for this contact” link in the 4473 History panel

The 4473 History page will show the current information for the selected contact in the first panel

The second panel will be a list of all 4473’s that were started and printed for that buyer

This is the date the 4473 was completed or void/no transferred.

Status > Response


Notes you have added to the 4473 when completing or void/no transferred will be shown in this table.


You can only download a 4473 if the 4473 was printed on or after 11/9/2021 and the 4473 was not sent to a 4473 storage provider and electronic signatures was turned on in your account settings at the time the 4473 was created.

The download link will be on the right hand side of the table. If the download link is not available then that 4473 does not meet the criteria above.