ATF eZCheck isn’t working

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

FastBound does not maintain the ATF eZCheck website so we do not have any control over it. 

eZCheck cannot be used in lieu of a FFL for shipment purposes and you must physically have a copy of the FFL in hand before shipping. eZCheck is solely for verifying that a FFL has not been falsified. Regulation 478.94 requires that an FFL is required to have a valid, certified copy of another FFL in-hand before transferring firearms between FFLs. However, eZCheck should always be used as intended; that is, before shipping a gun to a FFL, you should verify on eZCheck that the license is still valid and hasn’t been revoked, wasn’t falsified, etc.

If you get a response from the eZCheck website that is blank then you should not ship the firearms to that FFL. 

When the site is down you should not continue with the shipment until you get a response from eZcheck. 

If you must continue with the shipment then do your due diligence to make sure that the FFL is valid before you ship the Items to the FFL. When disposing the Items in FastBound you can enter a note saying that eZCheck was down at the time of shipment and how you verified their FFL information.


Creating a Contact from an FFL Number

When the eZCheck website is down you can still manually enter all of the information from an FFL into a Contact. You will see a message saying the Contact has not been verified by eZCheck. When eZCheck is working again go to the Contact and click the Update Contact button.