Creating a Disposition

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

Creating a Disposition, saving it, and then committing it are the basic steps necessary to log items out of your Bound Book. Depending on your FFL type, the ATF has different requirements for how long you have to do this. You can read more about the time requirements on our FFLGuard QuickTips page.

To create a Disposition you must have the required fields below.

Dispose Date is required and cannot be a date in the future.
Dispose Date cannot be before the Item’s Acquire Date.
Dispose Type is required.

To Create a Disposition

  • Click on Dispose from the main menu

  • On the Pending Disposition list page click the Create button

  • Enter the Dispose Date and Dispose Type

  • Click Save

As soon as you save, your Disposition will be saved and added to the Pending Disposition list page and the Disposed to Contact select panel and add Items panel will be available.