Disable autofill in Edge on a computer?

*Note: This help article was written for Microsoft Edge version 95.0.1020.53. Older and future versions of Microsoft Edge may be slightly different.

The auto-fill on the buyer side of the 4473 is not a setting in FastBound. This setting is specific to the device or browser. Below you will find instructions on how to disable this for different devices.

Disable Edge Autofill On A Computer

  • First, you need to open your Edge browser and open the main menu (three vertical dots) to find the Settings option.

    • You can also type edge://settings into Chrome’s address bar in place of clicking on the menu item.

  • When the drop-down menu appears, click Settings.

  • Select Profiles from the menu.

  • Choose Personal info and toggle off the Save and fill custom info option.

  • Click the back arrow and choose Passwords. Then toggle off the Offer to save passwords option.

  • Click the back arrow and choose Payment info. Then toggle off the Save and fill payment info option.

You are done. The changes are automatically saved.

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