Enable Dropbox Downloads

ATF ruling 2016-1 requires that you must download your bound book at least daily in a format that is unencrypted. To meet these requirements you can enable Dropbox. With Dropbox linked to your FastBound account, FastBound will generate a Bound Book every night and save it to your Dropbox.

To enable Dropbox downloads:

You’re done! Return to FastBound and go to Settings > Dropbox to confirm that this feature has been activated.


During the signup process for Dropbox you do not need to sign up for Dropbox Professional or Dropbox Business. FastBound only uploads one Bound Book to your Dropbox account and overwrites the existing Bound Book every time. The 2GB Basic plan is more storage than you will ever need for your Bound Book.

During the setup click the “Or continue with 2 GB Dropbox Basic plan” link.

During the Install process Dropbox may ask you to choose how to sync your files.

DO NOT choose “Make files online-only”

Also During the install process Dropbox may ask you if you want to back up your PC.

Check out our Dropbox FAQ page if you have more questions.