How To Use The Background Check Browser Extension

Written by Jarad on July 31, 2023

The background browser extension will only be compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If you do not already have the extension downloaded, you can do so Here

FastBound’s Background Check Browser Extension will only be compatible with the NICS and certain POC state systems. You must click the NICS icon or state icon at the top of a pending 4473 page for the extension to function properly.

  • Click on the NICS icon at the top of a pending 4473.

  • Click “Open Background Check Site” icon on the customer copy/paste data page.

  • Sign in to your NICS account with your NICS-issued username and Password.

  • Create a new “Submit Search Request” within the NICS site.

  • Answer “Yes” to the “FFL Verification” question on the search request.

  • Click the FastBound Browser Extention icon in the top right-hand corner of google chrome or Microsoft Edge.

  • Click “Fill” in the extension dialogue popup to transfer the buyer’s information into the NICS search.

  • Click the “Continue” icon on the NICS page to progress to the next information submission page.

  • Click the FastBound Browser Extension icon and click Fill to repeat the data transfer process for “Race and ethnicity” and “Additional Info” pages.

  • Note: The “Additional Information Page” (page 3) will require you to manually select/enter the “Contact Information” and the “24. Transaction Purpose(s)” field.

  • Continue the fill process for each page within NICS, then click the “Finish” icon on (Page 4) “Verify” page.