Removing Suggestions from Smart Lists

FastBound’s default list suggestions are there to help guide users as to what values should go in the fields. These default suggestions are shown when acquiring, editing, disposing, and searching for items. These defaults and instructions on how to enable/disable them can be found here.

In addition to these default suggestions, FastBound’s Smart Lists create suggestions based on the Items in your account. 

For example: 

  • Acquiring an Item with the Item Type of ‘PSITOL’ will cause ‘PSITOL’ to appear in the Item Type drop-down list on future Acquisitions.

  • Changing the Location of an Item to ‘Display Case 2’ will cause ‘Display Case 2’ to appear in the Location drop-down list when editing Items.

While these entries are present on an Item, they will also be present in FastBound’s Smart Lists. In order to remove a suggestion from the Smart Lists, all instances where that suggestion was used on an Item (for both Disposed and Non-Disposed Items) must be changed or removed. 

For example:

  • To remove ‘PSITOL’ from the Smart List for Item Type, every Item with the Item Type of ‘PSITOL’ must be edited so that it has a different Item Type.

  • To remove ‘Display Case 2’ from the Smart List for Location, every Item with the Location of ‘Display Case 2’ must be edited so that it has a different Location.

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