Search For Items

To Search for an Item

The Search Function is broken up into 3 panels: Item Detail, Acquisition Details, and Disposition Details. 

You can enter as many details or as few details as you want and then click the ‘Search’ button. All fields are optional, but having specific information will make the search more efficient in helping you find what you’re looking for.

You can enter complete information or partial information into any of the search boxes. For example you could enter “12” in the Serial Number box and the results will show you any item that has “12” in the Serial Number.

By default the Search only shows Open Items. If you’re Searching for Disposed or Deleted Items then you will need to choose to show them by selecting to show them in the drop downs above the ‘Search’ button .

Search (Item Details) Panel available Search Fields

Acquisition Panel available Search Fields

Disposition Panel available Search Fields

Once you find the Item you’re looking for, click on the Item Number and you will be taken to the Item Details page.