Subscribing to events

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

Webhooks are particularly useful for asynchronous events like when someone commits an acquisition, creates or edits a contact, or changes an item in your FastBound account.

Subscribing to events

Having FastBound notify another application about events in your FastBound account is relatively straightforward.

  1. Browse to Settings > Webhooks in FastBound.

  2. Tap the + Webhook button.

  3. Enter a Name and URL for your Webhook and choose the Events to which you’d like to subscribe. Description is optional.

  4. Tap the Create button.

FastBound has an API for maintaining webhooks programmatically.

Reliable Delivery

When a subscribed-to event occurs, FastBound will queue a webhook for delivery. The first delivery attempt occurs typically within seconds.

An HTTP status code between 200 and 299 indicates successful delivery, removing the webhook from the delivery queue. If an error occurs contacting your webhook URL, delivery is considered failed and queued for redelivery.

The delivery request will timeout after 100 seconds.

Retry Logic

FastBound will attempt to deliver a webhook for up to three days after the first delivery attempt. There will be an exponentially increasing delay between each successive delivery attempt.

Disable Logic

If a webhook fails 45 times, the webhook will be disabled, and the account owner will receive an email informing them that it has been disabled. The webhook URL will no longer receive events from FastBound. Disabled webhooks can be deleted or re-enabled in Settings > Webhooks.