Trace Requests

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

Trace Requests are generally received from the ATF National Tracing Center via email, phone, fax, or even in person.

A licensee must provide the requested information immediately, and in no event later than 24 hours after receipt of a trace request by the ATF. Failure to respond to the request for trace information can result in monetary fines and/or imprisonment, or revocation of the licensees Federal Firearms License. [18 U.S.C. 923(g) (7), 27 CFR 478.25a]

The Trace Report generated in FastBound will not be automatically submitted to the National Tracing Center or whoever else may have requested it. You will need to print and fax or print as a PDF and email it along with any other documents that are required. e.g. a copy of the 4473 or other disposition record you may have.

To quickly respond to a Trace Request and generate a Trace Report please follow these steps in FastBound

  • On the Main Menu go to Inventory Control > Trace Report

  • Enter a serial, multiple serials, or a range of serials
    – You must enter the exact and complete serial number. Partial serial numbers cannot be found through this search.
    – If you only have a partial serial you will need to go to Items on the main menu and search for the complete serial number.

  • Click the Add Items Button to add them to the list
    – If more than one disposition record is found for a serial, you will be given a list to choose from.
    – If a disposition record is not found for a serial, you will be given a warning message.

  • Click the Print button to Print your Trace Report
    – If you want the optional fields (see below) to appear on your printed Trace Report you will need to enter them before you click the Print button.

  • You can also download your list as a Microsoft Excel File
    – This file will not include any of the optional details.

Optional Fields

  • Date Trace Received
    – Enter the Date the Trace Request was Received

  • Trace Type
    – Standard
    – Emergency

  • Notes
    – Any notes you enter will appear on the printed Trace Report. You can enter information like the requestors name, email, phone, or anything else.

For more information about the National Tracing Center please visit the ATF website.