Transferor’s Transaction Serial Number (TTSN) Format

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

To customize the TTSN’s generated by FastBound, log into your FastBound account, click Settings on the left menu then click on the Dispose tab at the top. 

To turn on/off the ability for FastBound to Automatically Generate Transferor’s Transaction Serial Number click the blue toggle switch.

  • Blue, the feature is on

  • Gray, the feature is off

To customize your TTSN Numbers:

  • HTML is not allowed

  • Regular text is allowed

  • The max length of the result is 25 characters

The following number formats are available to use in your TTSN:

  • {Dispose:} – This is the date the item was disposed.
    formats include
    YY – Two digit year
    YYYY – Four digit year
    MM – Abbreviated month name
    MMM – Full month name

  • {Counter:} is a sequence number.
    You can pad the number by adding zeros 

The Counter can be customized to reset:

  • Never (The counter will never reset back to 1)

  • Monthly (The counter will reset back to 1 every month on the 1st day of the month)

  • Yearly (The counter will reset back to 1 on the 1st day of January every year)

Sample TTSN Formats

  • {Dispose:YYYY}-{Counter:00000} (Default Selected) results in 2017-00001

  • {Counter} (Default Option) results in 1

  • {Dispose:YYYY} results in 2017

  • {Dispose:YYYY} results in 17

  • {Dispose:MM} results in 06

  • {Dispose:MMM} results in Jun

  • {Dispose:MMMM} results in June

  • {Counter} results in 1

  • {Counter:00000} results in 00001

  • {Dispose:YYYY-MM}-{Counter:000000} results in 2017-06-000001

  • {Dispose:MMMM-YYYY}-{Counter:00000} results in June-2017-00001 

  • {Dispose:YYYY:MM}-{Counter:00000} results in 2017:06-00001

  • {Dispose:YYYY}-{Counter:00000} Store #3 results in 2017-00004 store #3

  • {Counter:000000000} results in 000000001