How to: The ATF Compliant, 60 Second Firearms Transfer

Every time a dealer makes a transfer to another dealer both dealers have to record an entry in their firearm log book

In other words, acquisition and disposition records must be created. And those records have to match exactly!

Fortunately, for customers of FastBound’s electronic bound book software, that transfer process is incredibly easy. In fact, it’s safe to say that at least in terms of record keeping, the best way to save time on transfers is to transfer between FastBound dealers.

Why is that?

When firearms are transferred between FastBound users, our software will automatically create pending acquisitions when another user disposes to you and vice versa. That’s only possible because our software lives online, rather than being installed on your local machine like some other electronic bound book software.

It works like this:

The dealer who is disposing to you goes into their system and records the disposition in FastBound. That’s the part that might take 60 seconds. The disposing dealer will look up your information in our system using your e-mail address (which must be connected to your FastBound account) and then enter the firearms being transferred (by typing them in, scanning barcodes, or uploading a batch file). Once that’s done, the record appears as a pending acquisition in your firearm log book ready for review and approval.

It’s as easy as that.

Of course, it works in the opposite direction as well. If you dispose a firearm to another user within the FastBound system, the software automates the process and fill in the needed information on their end. This makes acquisition and disposition records faster and easier than ever.

It’s also a great reason to tell other firearms dealers and FFL holders about the FastBound system! The more you deal with other FastBound users, the easier your records will be.

Another benefit of this system is that the ability to sync transfers across our system eliminates the possibility that your acquisition record might not match up with the other dealer’s disposition entry for a particular transfer. That’s a red flag for the ATF. Consistently matching records help keep the ATF happy and confident about the overall accuracy of your firearm log book.

Creating automatic acquisition records for transfers between FastBound users is just one of the many ways that FastBound saves dealers time and money while keeping your business compliant with the ATF’s strict bound book regulations. If you want to reduce the time you spend on record keeping, check out FastBound: See our plans

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