Celerant Partners With FastBound And FFLGuard To Offer Dealers Safe, Secure, And Compliant Retail Solution

Celerant Partners With FastBound And FFLGuard To Offer Dealers Safe, Secure, And Compliant Retail Solution

A new point of sale integration with FastBound’s electronic A&D and 4473 software for FFLs, backed by FFLGuard, creates the industry’s most comprehensive and compliant retail software solution available

Staten Island, NY (September 25, 2018) –Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions for both small and enterprise firearm retailers, announced its partnership with FastBound, a leading provider of ATF compliance software for FFLs, and FFLGuard, the leading legal services and compliance solutions program in the country. Together- Celerant, FastBound and FFLGuard, offer firearm dealers a compliant and straightforward retail solution for point of sale, electronic bound books, electronic 4473 and more.

Whether you are a large dealer operating your firearms business with Stratus Retail, or a smaller dealer using Cumulus Retail, Celerant’s new integration with FastBound provides dealers with peace of mind and confidence during inevitable ATF inspections. Backed by FFLGuard, FastBound ensures that your electronic bound books are compliant by staying up to date with all the latest ATF regulation changes. Dealers using Celerant’s POS software with FastBound’s A&D Software have access to FFLGuard QuickTips™ and a guaranteed legal defense with FFLGuard ATF Protection Plan Plus ™.

“FastBound is honored to work with a firearms industry veteran like Celerant. The great work the Celerant team has done makes our attorney-backed A&D, 4473, and ATF compliance solutions as transparent as possible while staying compliant and it is now available to all FFLs using Celerant’s Stratus or Cumulus software. Celerant and FastBound, with legal support from FFLGuard, is huge for dealers. Dealers now have a single source for the absolute best retail software for stores, ranges, online, and mobile, the absolute best and most compliant A&D and 4473 available, and the absolute best legal support from FFLGuard, the #1 Firearms Compliance Program in the Country.” said Jason Smith, co-founder and CEO of FastBound.

“The teaming of Celerant, FastBound and FFLGuard truly provides FFLs with the personal touch that the firearms market has been undersold to date when it comes to help with their firearms compliance needs.” said Chris Chiafullo, National Coordinating Counsel of FFLGuard. “Having our Celerant, FastBound and FFLGuard #TripleThreat as part of an FFL’s day-to-day operation – as an authoritative compliance management tool – assures the FFL that all firearms compliance needs are accurately addressed 24/7 by qualified legal personnel and proven electronic providers. It’s the best of everything, all rolled into one solution for an FFL.”

As an FFL, with Celerant’s new integration to FastBound featuring FFLGuard’s Protection Plan Plus, firearm dealers never have to worry about their bound book or 4473 forms being out of compliance. FastBound detects and identifies errors and stops transactions from progressing when necessary, simplifies multiple purchase reports, and much, much more. With an assurance that forms are completed correctly, and without duplication, the result is a dramatic reduction of risk of violations, since the majority of cited violations pertain to the 4473 or multiple purchase reports.

“With our focus on innovative in-store and online retail technology, combined with FastBound’s easy-to-use compliance software plus the expertise and legal guidance of FFLGuard- dealers can automate their firearms business with an integrated solution providing comprehensive protection of their FFL and their business, ” stated Celerant Technology’s CEO and President, Ian Goldman. “It’s important for our dealers to proactively eliminate these errors before they occur, as opposed to after the fact when they could put their business in jeopardy.”

To learn more about Celerant’s retail software and integration with FastBound and FFLGuard, visit: www.celerant.com/fastbound-fflguard

About Celerant Technology

Celerant Technology is a retail technology provider offering unparalleled and seamless multi-channel integration to retailers across all industries. Since 1999, Celerant has consistently accelerated business growth and efficiency through unique innovations such as: POS, inventory management, advanced analytics, integrated E-Commerce, mobile applications and back office – to name a few. With an open and collaborative environment, the company focuses on each retailer’s specific needs to form genuine, enduring partnerships. Celerant supports firearms merchants with functionality to address their unique needs: e4473, Smartwaiver integration, electronic A&D book, range management, vendor integrations, Gunbroker.com integration and more. Celerant is a preferred vendor of National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and National Rifle Association (NRA). To learn more, visit https://www.celerant.com/retail-industry/firearms/.

About FastBound

Since 2010, FastBound has developed the most compliant attorney-backed A&D, 4473, and ATF compliance solutions available. Thousands of FFLs including dealers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, and pawnbrokers use FastBound to save time, save money, and stay on top of ATF compliance. Visit www.fastbound.com for more information.

About FFLGuard

FFLGuard is the #1 Firearms Compliance Program in the country, offered by a collection of firearms lawyers, subject matter experts, and compliance professionals who provide thousands of Federal Firearms Licensees across the country with legal services and compliance services — all with a focus on safeguarding the viability of the client’s FFL through both proactive involvement and reactive intervention. For more information on the FFLGuard program, visit www.fflguard.com or call 1888FFLGRD1 (1888-335-4731), follow them on Twitter @FFLGuard and review their online videos at www.fflguard.tv

Michele Salerno
Marketing Director, Assistant VP
Celerant Technology

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