FastBound Wins the Summer 2023 Top Performer Award in Compliance from SourceForge

FastBound is proud to win the Top Performer award from SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and comparison website.

July 18, 2023 — FastBound today has been awarded a Summer 2023 Top Performer Award by SourceForge, the world’s largest software and services review and comparison website. This award recognizes exceptional companies and products with a significant amount of recent favorable user reviews, putting them in the top tenth percentile of highly reviewed products on SourceForge.

“We’re happy to announce this year’s outstanding Summer 2023 Top Performers,” said SourceForge President Logan Abbott. “FastBound showed that their users love them, as evidenced by the significant amount of outstanding user reviews.”

To win the Summer 2023 Top Performer award, each winner had to receive enough high-rated user reviews to place the winning product in the top 10% of favorably reviewed products on SourceForge, demonstrating the quality that FastBound delivers to customers.

At FastBound, we’re excited to accept the SourceForge Summer 2023 Top Performer Award. We do our best to provide a best-in-class product, and we’re happy to see our users rewarding us with good reviews. We’re honored to be valued by our customers and to be recognized by SourceForge.”

FastBound prides itself on providing tremendous value to FFLs–more than 20,000 monthly active users from 5,000 FFLs and buyers completing more than 50,000 FastBound Electronic 4473s every month–by delivering unparalleled service at a great price, starting at $9 per month. Our customer service and compliance are second to none, and like our reviews, this award confirms we’re on the right track. 

Earning the Summer 2023 Top Performer Award from SourceForge demonstrates our software’s user-friendliness and robustness, scalability, and security. With every update, we continue to incorporate our users’ feedback, ensuring we deliver a product that precisely fits their needs.

But what truly sets FastBound apart from the competition is our guarantee of ATF compliance and the assurance of an attorney-backed legal defense. Winning this award means we have succeeded in providing an unparalleled product that effectively addresses the unique needs of our users, all the while ensuring their peace of mind regarding legal compliance.

In the end, this award signifies the trust and satisfaction of our users, confirming our commitment to quality and customer service. We’re both proud and humbled by this achievement and will strive to continue exceeding expectations, delivering excellence, and ensuring the satisfaction of our valued customers.

About FastBound

FastBound, launched in 2010, has grown into the leading provider of FFL software for A&D and 4473. Over the years, we have processed over a billion transactions for thousands of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) with guaranteed ATF compliance and an attorney-backed legal defense assurance. 

At FastBound, we continue to innovate and refine our offerings, driven by our firm commitment to our customer’s success. With more than 20,000 monthly active users from over 5,000 FFLs, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch service at competitive pricing, all with an attorney-backed legal defense guarantee.

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FastBound Wins the Summer 2023 Top Performer Award in Compliance from SourceForge

FastBound is proud to win the Top Performer award from SourceForge, the world’s largest software

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