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FFL Software Reviews are a great way to help you decide which FFL Software is right for your business, but what about your feedback and ideas after making your selection?

While many software companies prioritize product ideas and feedback by customer revenue, this all too often creates an imbalance in product features, meaning that customers who spend more are in control of the product. In contrast, customers who spend less have little or no say. It’s rare to find FFL Software Reviews that discuss how an FFL software company handles feedback and ideas after the sale. In many cases, it may take months or even years before you have an idea worth sharing or that you feel passionate enough about to write up.

Sample FFL Software Review from Google

Since 2010, FastBound has focused on customer service, customer support, and customer feedback. FFLs that review our software prove our commitment in this area. Early on, we used UserVoice to collect and prioritize ideas from our customers. The first few years of feature development in FastBound were driven solely by feedback provided through UserVoice.

A few thousand customers ago, we tried capturing feedback manually (how hard could it be), but as we have grown, we realized that manual capture and prioritization don’t scale very well. It’s not the most efficient way to meet our long-standing commitment to continuous improvement.

So, we are re-introducing UserVoice to collect and prioritize ideas from our customers. From within FastBound, click the person icon in the top right and click Feedback.

Once you’re there,

  • Choose a relevant category for your idea
  • Check to see if other FFLs have submitted a similar idea before creating one–it’s also entertaining reviewing software ideas from other FFLs and the number of votes different ideas have gathered.
  • Whenever possible, you should always upvote existing ideas instead of creating multiple similar requests, as having two very similar ideas will split the votes.
  • Try to be clear with your suggestion, provide examples and solutions to the problem you are posing.

Note: Suggestions and ideas are viewable by anyone with a FastBound account, so please do not use UserVoice as a support forum. Do not share account information or personal information in your ideas or comments.

If you need help, please check out our help portal. If you still need help, you can call, email, or chat with us right inside FastBound.

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