Firearm Import & Multiple Serial Improvements, ATF Audit Trails

FastBound —¬†the leading FFL Software for¬†firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D Bound Books), firearm compliance is proud to announce the release of the following features and improvements.

  • Show Serial Number when Adding a Note to an Item
  • Add Column Showing If an Item is Disposed to the Anomalies
  • Create Audit Trails on a Contact when Licensing Information is Added, Removed, or Modified
  • Set item number during acquisition
  • Add Fields to Import. Cost, Price, MPN, UPC, Condition, Barrel Length, Overall Length.
  • Multiple Serial Search should warn when the same serial was entered twice
  • On the Multiple Serial Search review page add a back link button
  • Keep All Open Items, Unverified, and No Location at the top of the Cycle Count table no matter the sort. Update the default sort
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