Form 4473 FFL Software Updates for October, 2022

FastBound firearms compliance software proud to announce a feature that Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders ask about all the time when discussing FastBound’s cloud-based software for firearms dealers.

Gun stores of all types, including pawn shops, retail stores, and personal FFL holders in the United States know that they must maintain A&D bound book records in accordance with ATF regulations.

Anyone who works with A&D bound book records daily knows that, at some point, you need to make the same change to tens, hundreds, or thousands of items.

  • FFL dealers have a legal requirement to record firearms compliance records correctly and completely with all required additional information using compliant software. Accordingly, FastBound ca FFL Software is proud to announce our long-awaited bulk change feature. Stay tuned for an upcoming training video and quick reference guide. 
  • We added a new FFL Software API based on a great suggested from a long-time customer, who built their own real-time inventory scanning mobile app to reduce the human error in his manual ATF audit and ATF compliance procedures and wanted an API to verify up to 1,000 serial numbers in near real-time with a single API call. This API allows you to set the location and last verified date.
  • We added an API to our cloud software to add an item to a pending disposition by searching for a UPC, MPN, or even model and other fields, which helps fill e-commerce orders that don’t have any knowledge of serial numbers. Integrated retail management software partners can now lock a 4473 and generate a buyer PIN via the API.
  • Last but not least and by popular demand, an FFL dealer using FastBound FFL software can now include an item’s acquisition date in their custom label designs.

As we always do, we include as many improvements as we can in a release. This release includes the following:

  • Improved Q7, Q21 on form 4473 for background check
  • Improved Safari autocomplete on 4473 background check
  • Always display all customer data columns on inventory reports (request this from technical support)
  • Switched from CSV to XLSX for item imports to prevent serials with leading zeros from being truncated
  • Add disposition ID in disposition committed webhook
  • Added expand/collapse icons to various screens
  • Drastically improved performance and compatibility of of filling PDF forms to reduce printing costs
  • Added FFL number to accounts list page to help disambiguate multiple gun stores
  • Include all items details when downloading cycle counts

FastBound Firearms Compliance Software continues to push the envelope for ATF compliance, reducing the manual work Gun stores of all types, including pawn shops, retail stores, and personal FFL holders spend properly maintaining records associated with firearm sales. While software products offered by competitors often struggle with basic legal requirements, FastBound’s integrated solution provide FFL holders with guaranteed compliant software, better service, technical support, and a customer experience that is second to none — all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection!

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