How Does Guaranteed Legal Defense Work?

Learn how FastBound’s guaranteed legal defense works and why it gives firearms sellers peace of mind.
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FastBound is currently the only FFL software that offers guaranteed legal defense in the event of an ATF violation. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular with many firearms sellers. But a common question we get is, “How exactly does guaranteed legal defense work?”

In this post, we’ll break it down so you’ll know about the process and why having this feature offers such peace of mind. 

Annual ATF Inspections

First, let’s provide a bit of background for context. In the 2020 fiscal year, the ATF conducted 5,827 firearm compliance inspections. Of those inspections, almost half (43.8%) resulted in a violation. That said, a good chunk of inspections did lead to a violation or further issues. This table from the ATF shows how this broke down in 2020. 

Guaranteed legal defense

By these numbers, it’s clear that an ATF inspection could lead to an actual violation. Due to the compliance-centric nature of the industry, it’s something all gun sellers need to be prepared for. Even with the best of intentions and the most meticulous record-keeping, issues can arise on occasion. 

The problem with many other FFL software compliance vendors is they say things like “We’ve never had a problem” or “Our customers have passed countless audits.” But as we’ve just learned, violations definitely happen. So if you ever find yourself in this situation, it’s important to have guaranteed legal defense. This brings us to our main point. 

The Legal Defense Process

FastBound is designed with compliance in mind and has several built-in features to ensure you handle A&Ds and 4473s correctly. For example, our software is continually updated as ATF rulings change so that gun sellers always enter the right data during transactions. 

Guaranteed legal defense

FastBound automates NICS and many state background checks to make it simple, convenient, and compliant. It has FFL Autocomplete which fills out license numbers, expiration, and address and makes suggestions if you accidentally enter an expired license number. FastBound even has automatic compliance warnings to alert you about potential compliance violations. These combined features go a long way in preventing compliance issues and greatly reduce the chances of an ATF violation occurring. 

But, if there ever is an issue, FastBound has a streamlined process in place to provide you with guaranteed legal defense against ATF violations that result in administrative action. We do this by partnering with FFLGuard — the number-one legal and compliance service in the firearms industry in the US. 

About FFLGuard

FFLGuard is a flat-fee legal defense service and firearms compliance program run by the country’s best attorneys in the field, alongside various subject matter experts, professionals, and para-professionals hand-selected from the highest ranks at the ATF. The FFLGuard Program protects its clients’ licenses by delivering an unlimited legal defense — with no hidden fees normally billed by lawyers — against ATF administrative action at a flat rate each month.”

Guaranteed legal defense

To ensure the highest level of legal protection, FFLGuard takes a two-pronged approach. First, they have reactive services that are deployed by their legal counsel and ATF experts from anywhere within the US at any time. Say, for instance, the ATF performs an inspection at your gun store and there’s a violation. An attorney is on standby to handle the situation immediately and choose the best possible course of action. 

Second, they also offer value-added proactive services to strengthen a firearms seller’s defenses even more. “FFLGuard’s battle-tested ‘Advocacy and Risk Management (ARM)’ model builds a solid compliance foundation in defense of its clients BEFORE a time of need arises to fight against ATF action.” This is critical for mitigating any damage that may stem from an ATF inspection and subsequent violation and spare you from a lot of unnecessary headaches. 

So, if you ever have a compliance issue related to the use of FastBound, the guaranteed legal defense means you have instant access to an attorney who specializes in the firearms industry and knows the ins and outs of ATF regulations.

FFLGuard has been around since 2007 and is the go-to legal expert in the country for firearms compliance. they align themself with other firearms-specific counsel, subject matter experts, and professionals across the country to aid in the common defense of federal firearms licensees.” 

In other words, they’re not generalists. It’s not merely a part of law they dabble in. It’s their specialty. They eat, sleep, and breathe ATF compliance, and their team has over 500 years of collective experience. That’s why we’ve specifically chosen to partner with them over anyone else. If you want to know more about FFLGuard, you can find all the information you need here

FFLGuard Tools and Resources

Besides the high-level legal defense you get by using FastBound, FFLGuard offers additional services, helpful tools, and resources that can aid in ATF compliance. This includes “a one-of-a-kind clients-only website/portal that houses a comprehensive Q&A library, and quick-response HelpDesk for questions answered in the library, specialized personnel to handle operational security and damage control public relations, extensive online training modules to teach and qualify staff on firearms transfers and record-keeping, intense on-location mock audits, staff continuing education sessions, and much more.”

This can go a long way in strengthening your overall compliance measures and spare you a lot of trouble in the long run. Given how frequently ATF rulings change and compliance protocol evolves, this can be a huge asset. you can find more information about these services provided by FFLGuard here.

A Recap

Although firearms selling can be a rewarding career and one many people are passionate about, it comes with an inherent level of risk from a compliance standpoint. By and large, most FFL dealers in the US don’t have the budget to afford access to a firearms-focused legal professional for defense against ATF violations. But that can be problematic because many will run into trouble at some point, especially if they’re selling at volume and completing numerous transactions. With the ATF ramping up to perform more inspections each year, you never know when your number is up. 

FastBound offers built-in features to aid in compliance and retains the top legal and compliance service for the firearms industry in the US — FFLGuard. That way you’re covered in the event of an ATF violation and can run your business with total peace of mind. Even if the ATF comes knocking at your door, you’ll be able to swiftly respond and get things back on track with as little friction as possible. 

The Importance of Guaranteed Legal Defense

FFL software has been a game-changer for helping gun sellers become more compliant while also streamlining operations. While it significantly reduces the odds of encountering an ATF violation, it isn’t 100% foolproof. That’s why it’s important to have guaranteed legal defense. FastBound is the industry leafing FFL software and the pioneer of the guaranteed legal defense, making it an industry standout. You can learn more about guaranteed legal defense along with our full suite of other features here.

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