How Smart Searches Save You Time

One thing that’s always stuck with me regarding owning a business is that as the owner you need to assign a monetary value for your time. If you don’t you’ll ever realize what its worth. With FastBound there are numerous features designed to save you time, and therefore money. One of the features is the ability to create lists that are easy to repeatedly search by topic and content.

A traditional paper bound book is great, if you prefer inefficiency, wasting trees, and wasting time. It also doesn’t give you the ability to instantly search the book. The closest you can get is building some kind of crazy content guide that leads you in the right direction. With FastBound’s Smart Searches you can create search parameters which you can repeatedly utilize to search and find specific items in your electronic A&D software.

Before electronic bound books.

Prior to FFL bound book software the only means to search through your bound books was to physically pull the book out and search through it. If an acquisition or disposition occurs within the last week sure it’s easy to go back through a recent bound book.

Let’s say a gun store owner needs to find a transfer from 5 years ago? That’s not just going through one bound book, but potentially several. In fact five years ago was one of the best years for firearms sales.

That takes time, lots of time. Business owners have a lot of things to focus on. So logically you’d assign an employee to search through bound books. If the average gun store clerk’s salary is 12 dollars an hour and it takes 3 hours of their time. You’re out money and 3 hours worth of work around the shop trying to find one simple disposition. With a little gun store software you can avoid all that hassle.

How Smart Searches work.

If you’re in that same situation and using FastBound’s digital bound book it’s going to take you thirty seconds to search through your A&D book and locate that disposition. You’ve instantly made my gun shop more efficient.

That’s the simplest type of search. Users can create a series of custom searches to see how many of a certain firearm they’ve sold in the last month. You can save that search and run it over and over again. The Smart Search parameters make acquisitions and disposition searches simple and intuitive.

Smart Search’s ability to instantly search your bound book is just one of the many features that is bound to make running your gunshop more efficient. If you are looking for a robust and effective way to run a more efficient gun shop check out the outstanding features FastBound has to offer here,

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