Illinois Passes Public Act 100-1178 (SB 337) Mandating Electronic A&D for FFLs

The Governor of Illinois signed into law Public Act 100-1178 (SB 337). This legislation, titled the Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking Act contains the Firearm Dealer License Certification Act and the Gun Trafficking Information Act.

The Firearm Dealer License Certification Act requires several changes to the way FFLs run their business over the next two years; some of which are simple and others which may prove quite costly.

  • A certification process before beginning operations after receiving an FFL
  • New consumer sale process requirements
  • Retail location geographical restrictions
  • Employee training mandates
  • New security requirements including cameras, video storage, and security plans

Additionally, retailers will now be required to maintain electronic A&D records. FFLs have several electronic A&D software options available to them today ranging from spreadsheets to customized ERP and POS systems.

FastBound keeps FFLs compliant by stopping mistakes before they happen and providing contextual help and legal advice from FFLGuard–the #1 firearms compliance program and law firm in the country. Since 2010, FastBound Firearms Compliance Software has processed more serial numbers than any other electronic A&D.

FastBound is standalone and FastBound is integrated with more ERP and POS software packages than any other electronic A&D software. Integration options give you choices, allowing you to benefit from new and emerging POS and payment technologies without having to worry about your electronic A&D.

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