Why our client’s line up legal support BEFORE an ATF audit happens

You’re a smart business owner, you know it’s important to stay compliant, stay organized and on top of your paperwork.

You’ve got a great cloud based compliant bound book software (hint hint, it’s FastBound), so you don’t need to worry about an ATF audit, right?

Wrong, unfortunately ATF audits can happen at any time to anyone. But, you can greatly mitigate potential of an audit and negative outcomes in many ways. Year after year the top 5 violations continue to center around timely record keeping, proper paperwork and other book keeping related items. We know our FastBound clients use our software to stay up-to-date on paperwork but what else can, and should, you as a business owner be doing?

Stay compliant BEFORE an audit.

Using a compliant bound book software will help you stay on top of your paperwork by reducing the time needed for acquisitions and dispositions. When you don’t dread the endless writing and repetition of acquisitions/dispositions of firearms it’s easier to avoid the #1 violation, failure to timely record information in bound records. But cloud based systems do more than just reduce your book keeping time. FastBound consistently update our compliance alerts with new or changing compliance issues and will help you stay compliant before that audit happens.

Be organized BEFORE an audit.

If, and when, an audit happens having an organized compliant bound book will help the process go as smoothly, and as quickly, as possible. Cloud based compliant bound book software not only helps keep you up to date on your paperwork but keeps your books organized and needed information centralized.

Line up legal support BEFORE an audit.

ATF audits can quickly become time consuming (i.e. money draining) process. The time and money lost in an audit, along with the potential stress of a revoked license, can be huge. Once the process starts you may not have time or resources to find the right legal help, get them up to date on your business and truly help you in the process. By lining up legal support before you need it you are ready with a team of resources the moment you need them.

FastBound partners with FFLGUARD to make our software ridiculously compliant. From pop-up alerts in our software, to constant updates with new rulings, FastBound and FFLGUARD ‘s goal is to proactively protect our dealers. Providing a guaranteed legal defense against ATF inspection violations related to FastBound software resulting in administrative action: See our plans

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