The Importance of Lining Up Legal Support Before You’re in Hot Water

As a gun dealer it’s important you do everything in your power to stay on the right side of the law. Your business depends on it. We explore why having a legal team behind you is always a smart move.

Just because you haven’t experienced an audit doesn’t mean you’re safe. It’s easy to trick yourself into believing you’re doing everything correctly, simply because you haven’t experienced an audit or any warning signs. However, this can be far from the truth.

In our time spent with gun dealers one thing is continuously proven to be
true, audits cannot be avoided, but negative outcomes can be with proper
care and diligence up front.

Without taking this necessary step you’re setting yourself up for a very stressful future. But, even if you are concerned about ensuring everything you do is on the right side of regulation you’re most likely operating on guesswork, rather than solid facts.

Below we dive into the importance of having a legal team on your side before it’s too late.

ATF Inspections Are Hard to Beat

ATF regulation can be tough, and with some of the regulations from the Obama administration, it’s only getting tougher. As a business owner you don’t have time to keep up with the regulations as they change and evolve.

If you’ve been keeping your records in the exact same manner over the years, then your methods and practices are probably out of date. Out of date records that aren’t in alignment with the latest protocols, means an audit, a non-renewal, or even having your license revoked might be in your future.

The ATF has increased the frequency of their compliance inspection by almost fifty-fold over the past decade. In a recent expose by the Washington Post, they found that most of these inspections didn’t have a positive outcome for most firearm retailers. In fact, most of the inspections resulted in a non-renewal of their federal firearms license.

The ATF takes away a dealers license around 110 times per year. Take a look at this list of revocations compiled by the supportive legal team at FFLGuard. I know you’d hate to see your name on this list.

Does Legal Support Matter?

Currently, the ATF inspection process is set up in such a way that they have a stacked deck, and the process is slanted against those holding the licenses.

A simple misinterpretation of the law and its reflection in how you keep your books and manage your inventory can increase your chances of losing your federal firearms license. Are you willing to take that risk?

By having built-in legal support from the get-go you automatically have a team on your side who can intervene and assess any inspection activity. Interface with the inspection agents and make sure you’re fully represented. Put simply, a legal team will help you avoid the disastrous consequences of having your license revoked.

Why We Bundle Legal Backing with Our Software

Our goal is to make your firearms company “super” compliant. This means you’ll never have to run the risk of getting sucked into the endless struggle that is the audit and inspection process.

Just because you haven’t been audited doesn’t mean you’re safe.

Your compliance levels must be exceptional if you want to avoid getting drawn into the long and exhausting process of an audit and having your books reviewed. Instead of operating with best intentions in mind we’ve partnered with FFLGuard to create bound books software that’s literally by the book. Good record keeping is the first line of defense to keeping your business in business.

Plus, you have a guaranteed legal backing if any issues arise with the ATF while using our software. Isn’t a small monetary investment worth the peace of mind you’ll receive from not having to worry about losing your FFL? We think it is.

If you’re looking for the only bound books solution that has been vetted and sources with a legal team, then give our software a try today.

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