Electronic 4473 (E4473) With Digital Storage

Dude Filling Out ATF Form 4473

FastBound Electronic 4473 transforms any computer, tablet, or even your buyer’s smartphone into a compliant 4473 with digital signature support with no transaction fees or special hardware requirements.

As ATF Form 4473 evolves, making sure that you’re using the latest form is an essential part of staying compliant. Not only does FastBound have the most compliant Electronic 4473 available, but we also work closely with the FFL attorneys at FFLGuard to proactively monitor for upcoming changes to ATF Forms so that you’re always using the latest and greatest.

Do you find yourself squinting and guessing what a customer wrote on their 4473? And then typing it into your system can be such a hassle. Or maybe you’re thinking about hiring someone to do data entry to take it off your plate but still keep up with the demand. We have a system for you that will save a ton of time and money!

It works like this:

  1. You add firearm(s)
  2. Buyer completes and electronically signs their 4473 on any Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone
  3. Seller performs background check and completes their sections
  4. On to the next sale

You will save time on sales and follow-ups for customers who filled out the form incorrectly or are prohibited users- our system takes care of that. We have the most compliant and user-friendly electronic 4473 on the market that will also save your eyes from the strain of trying to decipher illegible handwriting.

In 2018, according to the ATF, five of the ten most frequently cited violations were related to failures that FastBound is designed to check for and help prevent, including:

  • Transferee did not properly complete Section A, Form 4473 – 27 CFR 124(c)(1)
  • Licensee did not record on Form 4473 the date on which NICS was contacted – 27 CFR478.124 (c)(3)(iv)
  • Licensee did not sign and date Form 4473 – 27 CFR 478.124 (c)(5)
  • Licensee failed to obtain and/or document purchaser’s Identification document – 27 CFR 478.124(c)(3)(i)
  • Licensee failed to properly identify firearm on Form 4473 – 27 CFR 124(c)(4)

Electronic 4473 Digital Storage Now Available! 

4473 Cloud is the industry’s leading, ATF approved, digital storage solution. FastBound has partnered with 4473 Cloud as their Premium partner to provide ATF compliant digital storage of electronic 4473s. For more information, schedule a call today!