Enterprise Level Support & Billing

FastBound’s enterprise level support & billing allows organizations to maximize their workflow efficiency. FastBound provides 24/7/365 support for customers, with rapid resolution of technical issues. Additionally, FastBound offers a powerful billing system for businesses, allowing for flexible billing, including automated monthly billing and payment portal integrations.

Smart Search

FastBound also features an intuitive search function to quickly access important ATF, state, and federal firearms regulations. This interface makes it easier for large FFLs to quickly review specific rules and regulations. The system also stores copies of all 4473 forms so stores can easily track past purchases. This provides the store with an audit trail and assists in verifying firearms retail records. The platform allows FFLs to log potential secondary transfer operations and assist incoming orders when generating reports for tracking or verification.

Manage Your Inventory

FastBound’s inventory management system can reduce stress on large FFLs as the platform accounts for inventory variations, seamlessly tracks serial numbers, and can automatically grayscale firearms. Utilizing FastBound helps firearms stores improve their track records with ATF records and quickly receive approval from departments.

Stay Compliant

Our software is designed to save customers time and money while minimizing friction and errors. The system also has built-in, customizable oversight and audit controls to ensure accuracy so you can maintain compliance with ATF regulations. Your dashboard provides insight into your transaction history and billing data, so you can monitor and analyze usage and trends.

We Are There for Every Stage

FastBound’s capabilities assure FFL owners that their workflow will remain efficient and secure- no matter what size. Our enterprise level support & billing can be customized to meet your needs. We assist clients with multiple FFLs, manufacturers, or large-scale operations.

We’re not hoping that you just forget to cancel before the free trial ends. We want our services to be the best fit for you. We don’t ask for your credit card when you sign up for our free trial, so what are you waiting for? See if FastBound is the right solution for your business today!