ATF FFL eZ Check

ATF FFL eZ Check

FFL eZ Check integration quickly and easily fills and verifies that a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is correct, valid, and current

The contact manager in FastBound integrates with the ATF FFL EZ Check system to verify an FFL number fast, secure, and error-free. When you view any FFL contact in FastBound, you can quickly verify an FFL in real-time.

You can create new licensee contacts in FastBound by entering just their FFL number, and all details are filled in from the ATF FFL EZ check database, saving you more time and even further reducing the chance of recording errors in your A&D records.

A common source of violations is entering expired FFL numbers. If you enter an expired FFL number, FastBound will automatically look up the non-expired number and suggest it to you.

Integrated ATF FFL EZ Check