Modern Design

FastBound’s modern design and userfriendly system was made to help streamline the firearms acquisition process. We make it easy to create, manage, and track firearms logs, records, and related documents. FastBound‘s intuitive and straightforward interface allows users to quickly and easily set up accounts, enter data, and access reports in minutes.

Second-to-none features…

FastBound’s powerful search functions allow you to quickly access the information you need. You can quickly and easily create, manage, and track firearms logs, records, and related documents. Our automated process ensures accurate, uptodate records.

Our priority is your compliance; auditready reports can be generated in a matter of seconds. FastBound’s comprehensive security features provide full control over who can access and update data. Only authorized users can access your data, which protects your customer information and yours.

Work from anywhere…

FastBound allows you to log in from any browser on any device, mobile, or desktop, so you can work where you need to. You know that beach vacation you have been meaning to take? That Hawaiian shirt and tropical drink is calling your name. With us on your side, you can stop worrying about compliance, and relax!

FastBound has powerful search capabilities, automated processes, auditready reports, and comprehensive security features. These assets make our software an invaluable tool for FFLs. Try FastBound for free! If you have questions, take a look at our demo! See how FastBound’s modern design streamlines your workflow.