Multiple Users

At FastBound, we know that managing multiple employees can be a challenge all its own. When all of your employees are working in the same software, it is difficult to keep track of who is doing what. Our multiple users feature allows individual employees to access the same account.

Each user can be assigned a unique role (i.e. sales, inventory, etc). This feature is great for FFLs with multiple employees. It allows each employee to have access to the same information while keeping their roles separate.

While one user might have access to the inventory management system while another has access to the sales system. FastBound’s multiple user feature ensures that everyone has the ability to do their job efficiently, without having to worry about stepping on each others toes.

Assigning individual accounts to each of your employees helps you keep better track of each sale. Should a violation occur, the issue can easily be traced back to the transaction, and the employee responsible. The ATF is cracking down on FFLs. FastBound helps you streamline your business, by ensuring better security protocols 

FastBounds multiple users feature is an invaluable tool for FFLs that want to easily manage their team.