Not A Competitor

FastBound is not a competitor to Federal Firearm Licensees (FFLs), but rather works in partnership with them to maintain ATF compliance with ease. Our software helps FFLs operate within the boundaries of federal and state regulations by automating the recordkeeping processes associated with the sale, transfer, and storage of firearms. Not only does FastBound help with regulatory compliance, but it also reduces paperwork and automates certain processes like ordering and manufacturing firearms inventory. With the help of FastBound, FFLs can not only gain better control of their firearms inventory but save time and cut costs. Our unique, attorney-backed guaranteed technology streamlines the sales process while ensuring compliance.

FastBound helps FFLs streamline their process by ensuring accounts are up to date, decreasing redundancy, and eliminating human-error with our automated processes. Should an audit occur, maintaining current accounts means you get through an ATF inspection faster and smoother.

We offer dedicated customer service and provide continuous support whenever you need. FastBound provides compliance solutions for FFLs by streamlining the firearms-handling process. FastBound plays an important role in the industry by ensuring firearm dealers remain competitive.

We are not a competitor. Unlike many other A&D software vendors, FastBound keeps your private sales numbers and any other proprietary information safe from those who may want to use it against your business. You can rest assured knowing that we are keeping your confidential information confidential. 

Integrity and trustworthiness are at the core of our culture.