Smart Contacts

You’ll never have to re-enter information again and again. FastBound streamlines your work flow with clean contact lists, which means no more digging through cluttered lists.

Easily store attachments with your contacts’ information, including copies of licenses or identifications.  You also have the files accessible when you need them, so no more lost paperwork.

Your system will be clean and organized because you can save contacts you use often, merge contacts if multiple records have been created, and archive contacts you don’t regularly use.

FastBound saved my business!

We were struggling with our log books and the ATF was threatening to take our FFL. With FastBound we were able to straighten it all out and pass out audit 100%. Our agent is very pleased with the way we turned our business around. Thanks FastBound!!

The service is solid and reliable.

We've been using Fast Bound for over two years. The service is solid and reliable. It's the best move we ever made.

It saves us time and money!

We were looking for an electronic solution for our bound books. Several other gun dealers around us recommended Fastbound. We couldn't be happier with the service. It saves us time and money!

What a time saver!

I just found out that we can print inventory and conduct internal audits using FastBounds electronic reports. What a time saver!