Smart Contacts

You’ll never have to re-enter information again and again. FastBound’s smart contacts feature streamlines your workflow with clean contact lists, which means no more digging through cluttered lists.

FastBound’s smart contacts feature is a powerful tool for streamlining customer communication. It allows FFLs to quickly and easily store contact information for customers in one central location for easy access. Smart Contacts stores customer contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and other information, so that users can quickly and easily contact customers for any reason.

The smart contacts feature also helps users keep track of conversations and messages sent to customers, allowing them to stay in contact with customers and follow up on any communications they have sent. This feature helps keep customers informed and uptodate on the latest news and information related to their products or services.

Smart contacts also has builtin automation tools that helps you reduce the amount of time spent on customer outreach. Automated messages can be sent out to customers with pertinent information, such as product updates, offers, and other important information. This helps customers stay informed and engaged, and makes it easier for users to keep track of customer communications. Should the ATF come knocking, you will have all your customers records ready to review.

Easily store attachments with your contacts’ information, including copies of licenses or identifications.  You will have the files accessible when you need them, so no more lost paperwork.

Your system will be clean and organized because you can save contacts you use often. You can also merge contacts if multiple records have been created, and archive contacts you don’t regularly use.