Smart Lists

ATF compliance is the name of our game. Our primary focus is to assist you in running your business, while avoiding violations. FastBound’s smart lists feature helps you streamline your workflow by only seeing the information you want. This feature is an innovative and powerful feature that helps users organize and manage their data. You can quickly and easily create custom lists of items, such as customers, orders, and inventory, and automatically keep them up to date. Access only the data you need without having to manually search through all of their data every time.

Smart Lists allows you to set up criteria for each list, such as order date or customer name. You can automatically populate the list with the items that meet the criteria. Generate reports and to track trends in customer or order data. Use those reports to identify and address any potential issues with inventory, orders or customer information.

FastBound‘s smart Lists feature helps users quickly and easily organize and manage their data. It provides users with an efficient and effective way to access the information they need. Our goal is to take the pressure off of compliance, so you can stay on top of what is important.