OtterWaiver and OtterText are two cutting-edge platforms that offer streamlined digital solutions to businesses, enhancing their operational efficiency and customer engagement strategies.

OtterWaiver, a leading provider of digital waiver management solutions, empowers businesses by simplifying the creation, distribution, and storage of digital waivers. This platform transforms the typically cumbersome process of managing waivers into a seamless and efficient operation. Users can customize waivers per their business requirements, and clients can sign them using any device. The signed waivers are then securely stored on OtterWaiver’s cloud-based platform, providing a simple and organized system for retrieval.

OtterText, on the other hand, is an advanced business text messaging platform designed to enhance customer engagement and communication. This platform facilitates personalized, two-way text messaging, allowing businesses to reach customers directly and efficiently. For promotional campaigns, appointment reminders, or customer service inquiries, OtterText provides a highly accessible and effective communication channel.

Both platforms integrate with FastBound’s compliance management solution. This integration brings digital waiver management and text messaging capabilities to FastBound’s suite of services, providing businesses with a broad operational platform. With OtterWaiver, businesses using FastBound can effortlessly handle their legal waivers digitally, while OtterText enables them to communicate effectively with their customers, all in a compliant and secure manner.

Integrating OtterWaiver and OtterText with FastBound is a significant stride towards a more efficient, integrated, and compliant business environment. These platforms, with their unique offerings, help businesses focus more on growth and customer service, reducing the hassle of administrative tasks.

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