Paladin Point of Sale

Paladin Data Corporation simplifies retail by automating business operations, enhancing the customer experience, saving you time, and increasing your sales. Our innovative, industry-leading products offer end-to-end retail management ranging from presales promotion and pricing, to inventory management and ordering, to customer follow-up and loyalty programs. Quick, intuitive and easy to learn, Paladin’s proprietary Market Driven Inventory Management™ gives businesses the data, direction and support they need to forecast market demand, optimize investment, and focus on customer satisfaction. With 39 years retail experience and top-class 100% USA-based support, we provide stores the peace of mind knowing operations are simple and streamlined.

Since 2010, FastBound’s FFL software for A&D and 4473 has provided thousands of FFLs including manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers, and pawnbrokers with guaranteed compliance with the latest ATF rulings, and an attorney-backed legal defense.

Unmatched Support

Technical and compliance support unmatched by our competitors


Easy to use. It’s reliable, safe, and secure!

Compliance Guarantee

100% covered by a legal defense against ATF

Unlimited Users

Spend less time micro-managing. Get access for each employee at no additional charge and keep a clean audit trail so you know who did what and when.

Electronic 4473

The most compliant electronic 4473 on the market. Hands down. Saves time on sales, no re-entering information from handwritten 4473’s, best-in-class prohibited user defense, and more.

Leading Integrations

FastBound offers a robust API and syncs effortlessly with an always growing list of point of sale (POS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other software packages.