Adding the Background Check Browser Extension

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

The FastBound Browser Extension automates the entering of details into the NICS portal and state portals in full or partial Point of Contact (POC) states.

Currently, our browser extension supports Google Chrome and the New Microsoft Edge.

These instructions are specific for the Google Chrome browser but they can also be applied to the New Microsoft Edge browser.

To Remove the Background Check Browser Extension, see this help article.

Installing The Extension In Google Chrome or The New Microsoft Edge

  • Click the Add Extension button on the pop-up.

  • You will get an alert saying FastBound has been added to Chrome

  • The extension is installed

It is a good idea to restart your browser after you install the extension. If you do not want to restart your browser you should refresh the 4473 page before you click the background check button.