Bulk Change Items

Before you start changing items in bulk, you should know that changing items in bulk can be dangerous and cannot be undone. Take time to be 100% certain the items you have selected are the correct items and that the details you are changing are correct.

To Bulk Change items, you must have the Edit Items permission. To get Edit Items permission, you need to contact your account owner or a user with the Settings permission and have them add it to your user.

Your account can only have one Bulk Change request processing at a time, and Bulk Changes are limited to 1,000 Items at a time. If you need to change more than 1,000 items, submit another Bulk Change request when the pending request completes.

You cannot make changes to the following with the Bulk Change feature:

If you need to change any of these in bulk, please get in touch with support through the chat so we can help.

To start a Bulk Change, you must first search for the Items. Choose Items from the Main Menu to get started.

Use the Search fields to filter your Items down to the Items you need to Bulk Change.

After you have your list of items you need to Bulk Change, you will need to click the Bulk Change button

Before you continue, carefully review the Items in your list and verify all of the Items you want to Bulk Change are listed

On the Bulk Change page, you can only change details in one of the panels at a time.

To Bulk Change the Acquisition Contacts, expand the Change the Acquired From Contact panel.

All of the Acquire Contacts that are associated with your selected Items will be shown in the list.

To Bulk Change Items details, expand the Change Item Values panel.

You must select the checkbox next to the fields you want to change. You can edit one or all of them simultaneously. All items in the list will have the selected changes applied to them.

To Bulk Undispose Items, expand the Undispose Disposed Items panel.

To Bulk Change the Disposition Contact, expand the Change the Disposed To Contact to Another Licensee panel.

Create and Confirm your Bulk Change request

After you have selected your changes, click the Create Bulk Change Request button in your panel.

Click the Confirm button to queue your Bulk Change request.

Cancel a Bulk Change Request

After creating a Bulk Change Request, you have at least two minutes to cancel the Bulk Change Request. After processing starts, you cannot cancel your request.

To cancel your Bulk Change Request, click the Cancel Bulk Change Request button and confirm. If you do not see this link, processing has started.

Once you have canceled a Bulk Change Request, you will return to the Bulk Change screen, and the canceled Bulk Change will be shown in the Bulk Change Results table with a Status of “Cancelled.”

To Bulk Change the same items again, you can select the canceled Bulk Change from the list and click the Bulk Change Again link (see below).

Bulk Change Again

After a bulk change has been completed or canceled, the items in the list can be Bulk Changed again by selecting the Bulk Change Request from the Bulk Change Results list and then clicking the Bulk Change Again link.

Bulk Change Again can be helpful when you have canceled a bulk change or you need to edit more details of the selected items (e.g., Model and Disposition Contact)

Bulk Change Results Panel

When a Bulk Change Request completes successfully, it will show a Successful status.

If a Bulk Change Request is canceled, it will show a Canceled status.

If you see any other status, please contact support using chat.