HTTP headers returned in API calls

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

Multiple Sales

When you Commit (or CreateAndCommit) a pending disposition, a report of multiple sales may be generated. If this happens, a response header named X-FastBound-MultipleSale will be set to true, and X-FastBound-MultipleSaleUrl will be set to the absolute URL of the multiple sales report.

Existing Contacts

When creating, updating, or merging a contact, or calling CreateAndCommit for acquisitions and dispositions with contact details, a duplicate contact may result. When a duplicate contact is encountered, a response header named X-FastBound-ExistingContactId will be set to the GUID of the existing contact, and X-FastBound-ExistingContactUrl will be set to the absolute URL of the existing contact.

Pending Acquisition

When calling Dispositions/Commit or Dispositions/CreateAndCommit, if you are disposing to one of your own accounts or one of the thousands of other FFLs using FastBound, FastBound may automatically create a pending acquisition in the transferee’s FastBound account. If that happens, the pending acquisition are returned in HTTP response headers:

  • X-FastBound-AcquisitionAccount: The 5-6 digit account number in which the pending acquisition was created (if any).

  • X-FastBound-AcquisitionId: The GUID of the pending acquisition that was created (if any).

  • X-FastBound-AcquisitionUrl: The absolute URL to the pending acquisition in the FastBound web application.